FK - Yesmin Chua- week 9

Ethos Blog page Week 9 Salutations and good day today!! Sorry that this entry is also turned in late (m)!! This week I did regular class on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. During each regular class, we did planks and push-ups. My Uncle and my cousin, Justin came and watched on Saturday. They are from a country called Singapore and they were here because they were dropping Justin off to OSU, even thought he just turned 17! They also watched Lucas and I spar. Speaking of sparring, that class today was only Taha, Mr. Bill, Andy, Lucas and I. Since there were only five of us, we practiced in a ring, which is a rope that is for fled into a small circle which we can only spar in- and let me tell me you, it is not as easy as it looks! Every time you stepped out the of the ring, you had to do ten push-ups. I ended up stepping out of the ring about 3-4 times...-_- So I guess that I really need to work on my movement!! Also, I keep on writing my blog pages very late, so I need to get into the habit!! Any ideas how?? -Yesmin Chua

Posted on October 4, 2014 .