FK-Yesmin Chua-Week 10

Ethos Blog Page Week 10 Hello my friends! ;) This week was very interesting, so let's go right into it, ok? Ok!!:D On Tuesday during brown/black belt class, we were doing kicks, and we were split up into two groups. I was with Taylor, Lucas with Taha, Olivia with Mariam, Mr. Michael with Mr. Doug, Mom Sam withMiss Becky, and Eli with David. Then Master Null have us do a contest of who can do ten round house kicks first (both partners). There was a three way tie against Taha's group, Olivia's group, and my group. We kept doing this competition but instead with 9 kicks and counting downwards until 4 kicks. When we got to 4 kicks, we started going up until back to 10 kicks again, but guess what- it kept on being a three way tie 8(>u<)8!! On Saturday Master Willhite was there and helped teach TKD. My brother and I were very glad to see him. Coach Donna was there at sparring also because I had a private lesson after that, which we mainly worked on back kick, which I'm improving- little by little. See you guys in class, -Yesmin

Posted on October 4, 2014 .