blog #38

This has been a long and hard test but I can't just chose one thing that I had a lot of fun with so I'll choose a couple. The in house tournament I had a good time that day I even got a medal I helped my mom by being a runner for her in the tournament. The next day I did the shamrock run and that was hard because it was my first run I have ever done so I was tired from the day before and that made it even harder but it was still fun. My next favorite day was the starlight run because my friend Sage and I got shirts and we wrote with glow in the dark paint so it was glowing a little bit the shirts said eat my star dust. I also had a good time at my special trainings because I was surprised I could do all of the stuff that I did on those days. My next favorite event was the hike because I did not think I would make it but I made it so that made it one of my favorite days because it was my first campout and my first hike also. This test was amazingly hard and fun and I am excited for my next test in a couple of years.

Posted on October 4, 2014 .