FK-Yesmin Chua-Week 12

Hello there again. This week by brother, Lucas, had his brown-belt-going-to-brown-with-one-stripe test. He succeeded and past the test!! Yeah!! (I'm very proud of him 8(n•n)8) Sadly, I wasn't there to see him test, because well, I accidentally took the bus home instead of mom picking me up, so I was stuck at home while she and Lucas were at Aim High. This time in Friday class, I did way better than last weeks. I got to spar Paige, and I did well, but when I sparred Miss Allison, I wasn't as good- but hey, at least I tried!! On Saturday it was a very busy day. I arrived at Aim High at 10:00 for a private class with Coach Donna, which we worked on back kick and spin hook kick. After that, it was Miss Alison's private lesson, which I participate part of. When Miss Alison's class ended, Coach Donna, Miss Alison, my mom and I went for Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. Right after that, we joined a little bit of sparring class, which there were two new kids that joined. They were extremely good. Then, after sparring class, was Andy's private lesson with Coach Donna, which I also participate in too! After that it was.. Nothing. After Andy's class was time to go home(>u<). Yesmin Chua

Posted on October 29, 2014 .