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Blood Drive Today

I hosted my first blood drive during the Power Within Test 6-7 years ago - not sure exactly anymore...I remember the kids were little and we did it as a family act of kindness. They made cute kid reminder calls to all our donors the night below. Aim High was smaller then and we pulled off a pretty big drive for a first time location. I passed the torch to CGN Cheryl and CGN Tammy for Collective Synergy and then on to CGN Steven for the remaining years. We still come back and donate but it has been a long while since I hosted one.

Today I am hosting yet again but this time for Ethos and this time at the Community Center. I launched a Health & Wellness initiative several years ago and donating blood is the latest in a series that has included moving more, eating healthy, team sports, laughter is the best medicine etc...all aimed at helping our work force feel better and live better.

Today's drive is personal. So many people in my life depend on blood. Now. Today. Weekly. Or they wouldn't be here. And I personally think everyone should give. A friend said to me - when someone tells you that they are scared of needles, say back to them, well, the person who needs your blood is scared to die. Get over it. Wow that brought it home.

Not all of us can give. For lots of reasons. But we can recruit and we can volunteer and we can educate others on why they should. We can hold their hands. Cover them in warm blankets and say soothing words when they feel afraid. Ethos testers....most of you are too young to donate but I sincerely hope that this blog stays with you. And that on your 16th birthday you sign up to give. And that you give regularly from then on. You just simply never know. It might be you who needs it next.

BSBN Jessica

Posted on October 2, 2014 .