FK-Becky Gillock-Moving forward

Hey folks,

First off I want to congratulate all the fusion testers on a job well done. Such hard workers and it was super exciting to watch! For the past few weeks I've been buried up to my eyeballs in studying for a major medical exam that could ultimately cost me my job if I didn't pass, according to the State of Oregon, so needless to say I was pretty stressed out and had to sink every ounce of brain that I had into preparing for this exam which stole a little bit of time from my black belt test requirements. I finally took the exam Friday and to my surprise I passed! I'm excited to be able to finally focus my energy back on this test and catch up on a little lost time. The weird thing I'm dealing with right now is trying to help my physical body let go of the stress that it's been harboring for the past few months in trying to prepare for the exam. I have this weird feeling like I'm still supposed to be worried or stressed about something but I'm really not. I'm working on modulating breaths and beginning to add conditioning back in such as push-up, lunges, squats, sit-ups and Poomsae. I'm hoping that the physical activity will help bring back balance in my physical being and help refocus my attention.

I had my 2nd check point test on the Eastside on Saturday morning and fortunately I have been granted a right of passage on to the next level of training. As always I'm excited to be apart of these tests and looking forward to the preparation in the next couple of months before the final tests take place. This year has been quite an adventure with many ups and a whole lot of downs. Like teacher Danny said at the fusion test "we always have an idea of what our black belt tests will be like but then life happens and things get thrown in your path that you didn't expect and you have to adjust." That is the definition of my life this year to a T. I was telling a friend today that I've had to remind my self of the river analogy when I start to feel overwhelmed or feel like quitting. When a river is flowing and winding it's way to the ocean does it stop when it comes to a big bolder that has fallen in it's path? No it simply takes a different path and flows around it. That is the way that I've had to look at every obstacle that has gotten in my way of completing these tests. I move around them and keep going. It might not be the way I planned it but non the less I refuse to stop.

Posted on October 19, 2014 .