FS- #19 Chelsea Weigelt

Alter Weiner's presentation today was a good prompt to reflect over many things about life. Not only a good reminder to appreciate what we have and our personal freedoms but also about how we treat other people, even those who hurt us. I really liked his phrase about being better, not bitter. Holding on to hurt and resentment can sometimes be tempting, especially when conflict or tension is deep seeded and on-going. This is something that is so important to let go of because it just creates poison within ourselves. Giving others grace is something that is critical to the healing process. Holding onto those negative feelings does nothing to help you cope with the situation. I can think of at least one personal and one work relationship that I could in which I could practice applying these concepts. I am going to work on applying what we talked about today.

Posted on October 12, 2014 .