FS-Taylor Williams-Improvements

Journal #37

I was totaling my numbers before I have to turn my binder in tomorrow, and it got me thinking about how I have improved over this test. Though I didn't do nearly as many push-ups and sit ups as I did for second degree, I have much better conditioning technique than I did then, and it has made me stronger. I was injured a lot this year, and it made me frustrated that I had to take a break from conditioning at home for a week to weeks at a time. Even though, I knew that it was important that I not completely ruin my shoulder, I still got frustrated that my numbers weren't as high as I wanted then to be. When I wasn't injured, my mom helped me make sure that I did my exercises properly every single time. Quality over quantity, which helped me become stronger as a whole than I was three years ago. My mom also helped me with varying my exercises, making sure I worked my muscles as equally as I could. I still need to strengthen my back and have better posture, but overall I improved a lot in my body's condition. I plan on keeping up the lessons I learned this test beyond the end of it, because they will help me stay strong as I grow older.


Posted on October 10, 2014 .