FS Taylor Last minute binder check #21

Since the beginning of the test I have been keeping up on my binder. I keep rearranging my papers or redoing my documents. I don't have great hand writing so I try my best not scribble a lot and take my time spelling my words right. I do like spell check most of the time so when I don't use any electronics it get a bit hard for me spelling out the words. I overlooked on some of the sections and now I regret doing them at the last minute. My parents have not looked at my binder this year and let me take full control of what write or how I handle my binder. Last years testing they looked over my shoulders like a drill sergeant. I am in a panic mode and I know it falls on me. All I need are my blogs. I am not sure if all these blogs will count since they are the very last minute but at least I am trying to accomplish this task. t-berg out.

Posted on October 10, 2014 .