FS T-berg out! Already near the end #22

Already near the end of this testing year. We took our classes, worked as a team, went to several events as a team, did great leadership projects and helping each other out when we need or when we asked. It was a tough year for me doing so many classes and going to a new school. I know I have notice a bit of a difference in me throughout the year. I took on full responsibility on this test while my parents stood back and just supported me. I had to talk for myself and be my own person and speak if I needed help. It's nearly the end of the test and I am thankful I was on this journey with all of you. This test has helped me grow up pretty fast. My fitness level improved as well and eating right was a plus since being in the black belt test for 2 year. coming to class regularly was very important to me so I would not miss out on any thing that would be on the test. t-berg out.

Posted on October 10, 2014 .