FS T-berg Making friends # 15

In my blog #12 I stated I had a hard time making friends because I transferred to a different school. I was not having the best moods for a while and my parents kept asking what was wrong or why I am sounding upset. I then realized I really miss my other friends from Mt. View Middle school. When I talked to my parents about my feels and they listen to me. We had a few plans to see my friends as long as I make new friends while keeping my grade up. The lesson here is that next time I need to talk to my parents about my feeling instead of hiding them that way I wouldn't be so sad. Since our family meeting, I made a few friends and I am getting to know my classmates. I hang out with Jae and Grayson too. It is a working progress but I think it is going well, slow but steady. t-berg out.

Posted on October 10, 2014 .