Form Submission - Black Belt Blog Entry

Name: Isabella Grundseth

Program: Taekwondo

Blog Title: Leadership Project

Blog Entry: I’m not sure exactly how I’m supposed to do this, but here’s my leadership project. I actually did it quite a while ago, but have yet to turn it in.

Project Title: Book Drive

Name: Isabella Grundseth

Age: 15

Rank: Black Belt

Program: Taekwondo

Explain This Project? What Is It Exactly?: I started this project last spring, and it has been ongoing since then. At my local church there is a food pantry. With one of my non-Taekwondo friends, I planned and hosted a book drive and book-shelf building party for kids at my school, the church, and Girl Scout troops. We built bookshelves to put in the church as a book bank. We collected a lot of books that are currently there right now for people to take for free.

How many Projects Have You Done?: Two. I did this project and another project with a young group of girls teaching about bullying and friendships.

What Impact Did This Project Have On Our Community?: Overall, we collected 13 boxes of books as well as three whole bookshelves of them. These books ranged from board books to adult novels. Books are proven to help kids in school. A lot of kids don’t have access to books, but through this project, we made it so that loads of young kids can get books.

Why Do You Aim High?: I have been going for nearly six years. I do it for a lot of reasons. It’s fun, it’s hard work, I love it, I have lots of friends who do it. I just love doing it. I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t love it so much- that’s for sure. I do it to defend myself and to teach myself self-discipline.

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Posted on November 9, 2016 .