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            Not a very long time ago, my mom and I went to Germany

to visit our relatives who live there. It was very fun to not only play around, but also to meet people I have basically only seen on Skype. The hard part was the over-15 hour flight time to and from. If you are planning to go on a very long trip or activity of some sort, don't panic, just know that after that, you get a reward. That links with the fact that if you do things without the normal "reminder" even if people barely notice, and you don't get a medal every time you do it, other people will soon realize it, and they will help you back, or at least compliment you.

            Also, if you learn everything here, and travel to a

different country, you shouldn't think everything will be the same. Things can go wrong, you just have to be flexible about it. (kind of like Gumby). That is our Black Belt Theme "Be Like Water". "Be like water" means not only to be physically flexible, but to be accepting of things, like yourself, things that happen to you, people around you, and more.

-Nikita Istratov

Posted on July 18, 2016 .