Organization Schools

As of October 1st, 2013, Aim High Academy of Martial Arts now has an awesome academy located in Beaverton Oregon, a Foundation Office, also in Beaverton Oregon and multiple satellite partner locations. On that same date, Aim High Academy of Martial Arts also launched the Aim High Foundation, formed to develop the nonprofit business model of the overall organization.

Aim High Academy of Martial Arts has grown and matured since its reestablishment in 2009. Aim High was started as a for-profit organization and went through a number of changes. The Martial Arts of Aim High started in 2004 and incorporated in 2005. Aim High Academy of Martial Arts also teaches martial arts at a number of locations around the Portland Metro Area in the form of programs in affiliated organizations. 

With our primary academy location and the newly launched Aim High Foundation, Aim High has created a strong nonprofit 501(c)3 charity that delivers the best training, services, and overall programs available. 

Our organization is one of the oldest and most respected martial arts schools in Oregon. We have achieved this position through a constant, dedicated effort toward improving our programs and measuring our successes by the success of our students. But what makes us different is far beyond simply the punches and kicks we teach, it is everything surrounding that. Aim High Academy of Martial Arts is a community dedicated to the success of our students in whatever areas they choose to go, and to the development of successful adults.

Big Difference #1)

First, we believe that at its best, martial arts can be used in everyday life outside of the training floor, for far more than just defense. Our programs are designed to go out of the studio and into the world. Our programs emphasize acquiring the knowledge and practicing the skills that help our students navigate the real world. Our programs are also tailored to the age of the students, so everything they learn will be both age-appropriate and applicable to the lives of our students.

Big Difference #2) 

Success isn’t just what we see on the mat. Our school has a program called Project Based Leadership Training. This program asks our senior ranks to lead a community service project in order to qualify for their rank. These projects ask our students to demonstrate the ability to organize a group, lead that group, and improve our community all at the same time. In the past, our students have run toy drives, blood drives, and helped support local schools, and so much more! We really take the meaning of Martial Arts to a whole new level. Please contact the Aim High Foundation for information on the partner organizations we team with.

Big Difference #3)

We have fun. Lots of it. Our community strives to become leaders and help the people around us. But that doesn’t mean we’re just a group of driven, serious, stereotypes of martial arts practitioners. We also know that fun is an integral part of accomplishing any goal. 

Big Difference #4)

Our staff is committed to the success of our students. We work as hard as any other team to help our students be successful. The best way to experience this difference is to see it firsthand. Come try out our classes and tell us what you think. We’re not happy unless you are.